In mental health, the concept of recovery is understood to refer to a unique personal experience, process or journey that is defined and led by each person in relation to their wellbeing. While recovery is owned by and unique to each individual, mental health services have a role in creating an environment that supports, and does not interfere with, people’s recovery efforts.

Recovery Library

The Recovery Library is an online repository of resources to support Victorian mental health services to actively engage with the Framework for recovery-oriented practice (Department of Health and Human Services 2011), to share high-quality resources and to support a service culture of ongoing practice development around recovery values. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services funded the development of the Recovery Library website and contracted the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing (CPN) of the University of Melbourne to manage the project.

The resources are complemented by relevant links and multimedia resources, primarily filmed excerpts of thoughts and reflections of some of Victoria’s leading innovative thinkers and change agents in relation to recovery-oriented practice in mental health.

The Recovery Library can be accessed at here