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Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

As legislated in the Mental Health Act 2014, Consumers Rights and Responsibilities are reflected in the Values of Peninsula Health and the care provided by the Service.


All people receiving mental health services at Peninsula Health have the right to:

  • receive safe and high quality care
  • have my personal characteristics including culture and values respected
  • be informed of, consulted with and included in service and treatment choices
  • privacy and confidentiality

Consumers have the right to:

  • communicate lawfully
  • apply to the Mental health Tribunal at any time for revocation of a compulsory treatment order
  • -choose a Nominated Person
  • write an Advance Statement
  • make an informed decision and/or give consent to electroconvulsive therapy
  • make a complaint to the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
  • be legally represented and be supported by a friend, carer or family member at a Mental Health Tribunal hearing
  • seek the assistance of community visitors

Statement of Rights

Consumers should receive a verbal explanation of their rights under the Act and should have the opportunity to ask questions and receive a copy of the relevant Statement of Rights at key points in their care.

There are the following Statement of Rights available:


Consumers have a responsibility to

  • provide the Service with information relevant to their mental health issue and how they feel
  • be involved in treatment, care and recovery planning
  • inform their treating team about medications they are taking or side effects that they are experiencing
  • inform their treating team of any religious or cultural requirements that they have
  • treat other consumers, visitors and staff with care and respect
  • inform the Service if you are unable to attend any scheduled appointment.

Referrals to Mental Health


Need help now?

Call Mental Health Telephone Triage on 1300 792 977 or Emergency on 000, or Lifeline 13 11 14

All access to Peninsula Health Mental Health Service is through Mental Health Telephone Triage who will direct you to the appropriate mental health program or community supports.

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