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Consumer and Carer Information

Peninsula Health Mental Health Service staff collaboratively work with consumers and carers to ensure that the care provided is inclusive and focused on the needs to the person.

A consumer is a person who:

  • has received mental health services from a mental health service provider, or
  • is receiving mental health services from a mental health service provider; or
  • was assessed by an authorised psychiatrist and was not provided with treatment; or
  • sought or is seeking mental health services from a mental health service provider and was or is not provided with mental health services;

A carer is a person, including those under the age of 18, who:

  • provides support, assistance or personal care to another person because the person being cared for has a disability, is older, has a mental illness or has an ongoing medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness or dementia).

There are a wide range of support services for consumers and carers and are detailed in our Peninsula Health Supportopedia . The MI Fellowship have developed Mental Health Fact Sheets for consumers and carers.

Consumer Support

Peninsula Health Mental Health has a Consumer Consultant whose role involves listening to consumers who are experiencing mental health issues and provides them with independent, one-on-one support during their recovery journey.

Michelle Shanti
Consumer Consultant
Phone: 9238 8627

Carer Support

The Carer Consultant at Peninsula Health Mental Health Service can provide support and information about further support, respite and education for Carers, as well as advocate to ensure the Carers voice is heard.

Judy Anderson
Carer Consultant
Phone: 9238 8634

All urgent or non-urgent referrals to the Peninsula Health Mental Health Service are through Mental Health Telephone Triage on 1300 792 977 (24 hours, 7 days a week)