Adult Mental Health

Adult Mental Health banner26 – 64 years

Mental Health Telephone Triage – 1300 792 977

  • Available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Accessible to people of all ages
  • Comprehensive and timely telephone assistance
  • A review of a persons current mental health
  • Provides expert review for all age groups drawing on age related expertise
  • Referring the person to the most appropriate assessment and treatment option and/or assist with linkages to external service providers, where appropriate

Access & Assessment Team

  • 7 days per week with extended hours of service
  • Provides a community based initial comprehensive mental health assessment
  • Following assessment, referrals can be made to appropriate mental health programs or community supports.

Mental Health Consultant Liaison (MHCL)

  • Provides face-to-face assessment, treatment and planning
  • Within the Emergency Department and general hospital
  • Provides support, advice and guidance to carers and families
  • Following assessment, referrals will be made to the most appropriate treatment options and/or assist with linkages to external service providers, where appropriate

Psychiatric Assessment & Planning Unit (PAPU)

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Is a short stay assessment and planning unit
  • Admission is less than 72 hours
  • Provides prompt access to specialist psychiatric assessment and short term treatment
  • An emphasis on suicide prevention and support for people at risk of self-harm.

Adult Acute Inpatient Unit (Ward 2 West)

  • A specialist, multidisciplinary team that provides treatment and interventions that are recovery oriented for voluntary and compulsory patients.
  • For people experiencing an acute phase of mental illness until such time that the person can be treated effectively in a community based mental health setting

Adult Prevention & Recovery Care (APARC)

    • 24 hours, 7 days a week
    • A 10 bed short term recovery focused residential service
    • Run in partnership with Wellways Australia
    • In a residential setting for people experiencing significant mental health conditions that require clinical and/or psychosocial interventions
    • An alternative to hospital admission

Community Care Units (CCU)

  • Provides medium to long term recovery based clinical care and psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Is a community residential setting for people experiencing serious mental illness
  • Supportive environment that assists people with everyday skills for community living
  • Encourages/supports participation in community life.

Adult Community Mental Health Program (ACMHP)

The service operates extended hours, 7 days a week.

Intensive Treatment

  • Provides assertive community based short term interventions for people who are experiencing an acute phase of mental illness

Community Treatment

  • Provides short-medium term treatment, case management and care interventions for people with prolonged mental illness

Access Planning & Suicide Prevention (APSP)

  • Is a community based support program
  • For people who, at assessment, are considered to be at risk of suicide
  • Aimed at people who do not require ongoing or immediate specialist clinical mental health services
  • Support provided up to 90 days.

Peer Workforce

  • A Peer Worker is a person who has a lived or is living with a personal experience of mental health issues.
  • A Family Carer Peer Worker is a person who is in a caring role or who has previously cared for a person with mental health issues. 

Police Ambulance & Clinician Early Response (PACER)

  • A collaborative early intervention service between Peninsula Health Mental Health Service, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria that respond to high risk community situations.
  • For people experiencing a mental health crisis, supporting access from police custody or ambulance care to the appropriate mental health care.

Need help now?

Call Mental Health Telephone Triage on 1300 792 977 or Emergency on 000, or Lifeline 13 11 14

All access to Peninsula Health Mental Health Service is through Mental Health Telephone Triage who will direct you to the appropriate mental health program or community supports.

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