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Frankston Mornington Peninsula Eating Disorders Referral Pathway

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A collaboration between PH Medical Service, PH Mental Health Service, GP Network, PH GP LiaisonUnit, PH Community Health Service, and Southern Health

Eating Disorders Flow Chart.

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Resources & Links


Emergency Department

Mental Health Triage

Community Health Counselling

Community Health FBT for Eating Disorders


Individual Resource links

FBT for Eating Disorders Service Directory

This describes Family Based Therapy services available at Peninsula Health Community Health Counselling. This may be suitable for young patients with mild to moderate eating disorder symptoms who is engaged with her/his GP and family or carer.

PHCH Criteria FBT for AN

This describes in detail appropriate referral criteria for Family Based Therapy (FBT) for Patients aged 13-21 years.


Eating Disorders Physical Risk Assessment NICE guidelines

Always consult physician/paediatric colleagues if you are concerned about patient’s physical wellbeing.

The Butterfly Foundation

Support for Australians experiencing eating disorders. Information for patients, families and health professionals.

PH Counselling Community Health Service Directory

This is a decription of general counselling services available at Community Health