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PENINSULA HEALTH 08-04-2014 BY YANNI 25HMOs and Registrars

Frankston ICU runs a dedicated, consultant led education program that aims to guide our trainees towards becoming excellent specialists in Intensive Care and related disciplines. The education program is well rounded and provides the support system required to ensure our trainees’ progress.

We are proud of our education program that supports trainees, regardless of their level of experience. The education program not only focuses on basic foundations of critical care and basic sciences but also on current evidence-based critical care practice and cutting-edge research. It is aimed at teaching a wide range of ICU and specialty topics to maximize success in both the primary and the fellowship ICU examinations. Consultants attend and facilitate all of our teaching sessions that are held in our lecture theatre or at the bedside.

The foundation is reliant on basic physiologic principles and all junior staff start their rotation with the BASIC Course, aimed at introducing them to ICU concepts, equipment and therapies over two days. Regular journal clubs help our trainees to stay up-to-date with the current literature. Simulation sessions (Advanced Life Support and Crisis Resource Management) conducted regularly help our trainees sharpen their skills. PENINSULA HEALTH 08-04-2014 BY YANNI 24A dedicated echo technician provides one-on-one bedside transthoracic echocardiography teaching every Monday. Fortnightly bronchoscopy teaching for advanced trainees is a new addition to our program.

Frankston ICU is part of the Victorian Intensive care education network (VICEN), an initiative were most Victorian ICU hosts the ICU trainees once every month on a fellowship exam-focused education. 

Please click here to learn more about the BASIC and Beyond BASIC courses offered through Frankston Hospital ICU. 


Nursing Education

PENINSULA HEALTH 08-04-2014 BY YANNI 43At Frankston Hospital ICU we endeavour to support, encourage and inspire ongoing nurse education. We have structured training opportunities for staff of all experience levels. Our expectation is a commitment to ongoing professional development that is supported with 1:1 bedside teaching, self-directed learning packages, bedside tutorials, biweekly in-services, annual competency assessments and specialised study days for differing levels of experience. To facilitate these learning opportunities we have a Nurse Educator available from Monday to Friday and a Clinical Support and Development nurse that provides after-hours and weekend nursing support.

At Frankston Hospital ICU we provide an extensive individualised nurse orientation program catering to the General Registered Nurse (GRN) and the Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN). This program provides support to ensure a smooth transition to working in the Intensive Care Unit and enables GRNs to be trained to care for stable critical care patients.

GRNs will complete a structured 12 week program;

  • A two week supernumerary period in which they are orientated to the unit and supported to care for High Dependency (HDU) patients.
  • Followed by a four week consolidation period where a preceptor will work closely with new staff as they settle into the unit and independently care for HDU patients.
  • A second two weeks of supernumerary time will then be provided to care for Ventilated patients. During this time staff will receive support and education focusing on caring the ventilated patient.
  • Our friendly and experienced preceptors will continue to work closely with new staff and support them at the bedside for the next 4 weeks and ongoing whilst caring for the stable critical care patient.

Frankston Hospital ICU has an educational partnership with Monash, LaTrobe and Deakin Universities enabling you to choose a postgraduate course tailored to your needs.

Our CCRNs will be provided with ongoing rewarding educational opportunities and will be encouraged to share this information with fellow staff.

Our ICU offers you the challenge, the knowledge and most importantly the support required to ensure we deliver the best possible care to our patients and families whilst upholding the values of Peninsula Health; Service, Integrity, Compassion, Respect and Excellence.


Education Resources

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