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Education for Nurses

Peninsula Health provides contemporary interactive education programs and services to meet the vast learning needs of all nursing staff. These incorporate the following:

  • Postgraduate courses in partnership with Monash University and Deakin University
  • The Nurse Education Department (Acute and Sub-Acute) provides a comprehensive continuing education program including study days, short courses and staff development sessions
  • Specialist education services and support in Mental Health

Our Education teams have an extensive range of general and specialised nursing knowledge and expertise and provide personalised clinical assistance and support at ward level to all nursing staff.

Mental Health Nurse Education Department TREE

The Mental Health Nurse Education Department, also known as TREE, offers a range of education to staff from Peninsula Health or external organisations.

Courses offered by TREE include:

A number of these courses have a cost applied to them.

Enquiries regarding Mental Health Nurse Education can be directed to Diane Heenan (Administrative Assistant) dheenan@phcn.vic.gov.au (03) 9784 8236.

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