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Social Work and Integrating Care

Promoting dignity, worth and diversity – care and support to patients

Social Work and Integrating Care consists of three departments; and they are Social Work, Transition Care (TCP) and Aged Care Assessment Service (MEACAS).

These departments provide patients and their families/carers with high quality care and support from the point of admission to hospital to their discharge back to their homes and the community.

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Transition Care | Aged Care Assessment Service

Social Work Services

Social Work Services are available at all sites of Peninsula Health.

These services provide assessment of inpatient needs to support discharge planning, advocacy, referral and support for patients, their families and carers and liaison with external community agencies to provide additional assistance on discharge from hospital.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

The Social Work department is committed to ensuring that patients from diverse cultural backgrounds and their families have access to the hospital services they need. Interpreters and appropriate resources and translations are available or can be arranged as required. Please contact the Social Work Department for further information.

Social Work Department:

2nd Floor,
Frankston Hospital
Phone: (03) 9784 7073