Older Adults


Frankston Integrated Health Centre
Hastings Road
Frankston VIC 3199
Melways Reference: 100A G11

Contact  details

ACCESS on 1300 665 781 or Fax 03 9784 2309

About the Older Wiser Lifestyle (OWL) Program

The Older Wiser Lifestyles (OWL) team is Australia’s first older adult-specific Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) service for mature adults, aged 60 and over. Many older adults are unaware of the impact that ageing can have on their risk of experiencing drug or alcohol-related harm. They are more likely to be taking multiple medications, have numerous medical conditions, be socially isolated, experience changes in physiology that affect the way alcohol and drugs are taken into their system, and experience changes in self-identity from role transitions. The OWL program offers an individually-tailored treatment service comprised of early intervention, intensive, long-term counselling and outreach across the Mornington Peninsula depending on the needs of the client.

Where to get Help

You can contact ACCESS on the number listed above and referrals can be made by individuals, agencies or health professionals

The Older Adult Manual is located here AODPenHealth_150915

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