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Carinya Residential Aged Care Service


125 Golf Links Road
Frankston VIC 3199

Contact Details

Tel: (03) 9784 8602
Fax: (03) 9788 1216

About Carinya Residential Aged Care Service

Carinya is a 30-bed purpose built Aged Persons Mental Health Residential Care Facility designed to provide high level specialist nursing care to residents with complex mental health diagnoses who are unable to be managed effectively in a generic aged care facility. It is an interim care facility which provides specialist care until a resident no longer requires this level of care and is able to move to alternative accommodation that meets the resident’s need at that time.

Carinya Carinya being a Public Sector Residential Aged Care Facility, managed by Peninsula Health, has easy access to a range of other services provided by a large health organisation such as The emergency department at Frankston hospital, medical surgical units, rehabilitation services, palliative care.

Carinya is fully accredited with the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency. Accreditation reports are available on the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency website.

Accommodation and pricing

Carinya consists of three houses each catering for 10 residents. Each house contains a lounge room, dining room, sitting room, kitchen, laundry and shared shower/toilet facilities. Meals are served in the dining room of each house.

All houses are furnished but residents are able to furnish their rooms with some personal items. All communal areas of the Facility are available to residents and visitors. These communal areas can be used for formal and informal social gatherings, meetings, services and entertainment. There is also access to garden areas.

The following rooms are available at Carinya

  • Carinya Twin share rooms (6.2 x 3.6 meter) with shared ensuite (6 beds)

  • Single room(3.6 x 3.5 meter) with shared ensuite between two rooms (6 beds)

  • Single room(3.6 x 3.5 meter) utilizing communal bathrooms (18 beds)

All residents will be asked to pay:

  • Daily fees (everyone pays)

  • Accommodation Payments (means tested)

Examples of Accommodation Payments:    
Prices effective 1 July 2019   MPIR 5.54%

Option 1 : Pay Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)

Option 2 : Pay Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

Maximum Accommodation Payment per Room RAD DAP
Twin Share Room shared ensuite $300,000 $45.53 per day
Single Room communal bathroom $325,000 $49.33 per day
Singe Room shared ensuite $350,000 $53.12 per day

Option 3 : Combination RAD and DAP

Maximum Accommodation Payment per Room RAD DAP
Twin Share Room shared ensuite $150,000 $22.77 per day
Single Room communal bathroom $165,000 $25.04 per day
Single Room shared ensuite $175,000 $26.56 per day

Option 4 : 20% up front RAD with a non-cash DAP reduction
(DAP is taken from RAD)

EG (based on $300,000 RAD) RAD (20%) DAP
(deducted from RAD )
Year 1 $60,000 $36.43 per day
Year 2 $45,744 $38.45 per day
Year 3 $30,641 $40.58 per day
Year 4 $14,641 $42.82 per day
Year 5 (Top up RAD $60,000) $57,691 $36.09 per day
Year 6 $43,298 $38.09 per day
Year 7 $28,050 $40.20 per day
Year 8 (Top up RAD $60,000) $71,896 $33.32 per day
Year 9 $58,346 $35.16 per day
Year 10 $43,992 $37.11 per day

4Clinical Services

Nursing Staff

Nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses, and Enrolled Nurses. There is a registered Nurse on Duty 24 hours per day, as well as a Nurse Unit Manager Monday – Friday 0800-1630

Carinya has a range of specialist clinical nurse consultants employed by Peninsula Health who provide specialist nursing input, including:

  • Diabetes Consultant
  • Skin Integrity Consultant
  • Cognition Consultant
  • Infection Control Consultant
  • Falls Prevention Consultant
  • Palliative Care Consultant

Medical Staff

Clinical governance is provided by Consultant Psychiatrist specializing in Aged Mental Health who attends Carinya on a weekly basis.

A General Practitioner visits Carinya twice per week who works closely with the consultant Psychiatrist, to review residents on a regular basis, residents are however able to choose their own General Practitioner and need to ensure that the Doctor will visit this Facility.

Allied Health Staff

Carinya employ an external Physiotherapist to provide initial physiotherapy assessment to all residents on admission and then for ongoing review of residents.

Occupational Therapist, Dietitian, Podiatrist, Speech Pathology and Social work is available on referral.

Diversional Therapist and allied health provide a structured and comprehensive activities program tailored to the needs of individual residents, as well as weekly bus trips for residents.

Carer and Consumer Consultants

Peninsula Health Mental Health Service employs a full time consumer consultant as well as a carer consultant, who provide support to residents and cares as required.

Friends of Carinya Auxiliary

Formed in 1992 by the then unit manager Maggie Voke, the auxiliary are a dedicated group of individuals who raise funds to enhance the lifestyle of residents and over the years have used funds for things such as creating a sensory garden to funding a talented entertainer to visit the facility and offering a “make a wish activity” that has been as creative as organizing a Harley Davidson ride to purchasing flowers for a resident to place on her mother’s grave.

Resident and Carer Satisfaction.

Each year residents and carers are invited to participate in a survey with regards to their satisfaction. Peninsula health Volunteers are able to assist those who have difficulty in completing the survey.

Results of the survey are available on request from the nurse Unit manager

3Visiting Hours

There are no set visiting hours. Carinya is regarded as the resident’s home and visitors are welcome at the times it suits the individual resident with consideration for other residents in the Facility.

Information required on admission

We will require the following information:

  • Current family contact details
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Pension Number (if applicable)
  • Medicare Number
  • Department of Veteran Affairs number (if applicable)
  • Pharmaceutical number
  • State Trustees number (if applicable)
  • Disability number (if applicable)
  • Ambulance number (if applicable)
  • Private Health Insurance details (if applicable)

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