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QUIT Smoking Support Services

Peninsula Health is a smoke free environment and aims to reduce smoking related harm in the community. Smoking is not permitted on any Peninsula Health sites.

For help to manage smoking while you are a patient

Ask your nurse, doctor or pharmacist about nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) i.e. nicotine patches. NRT is available free of charge for inpatients and can effectively help you cope with nicotine withdrawal during your inpatient stay.

For help to stop or manage smoking

The most effective way to quit smoking for good is to use a combination of nicotine replacement therapies and counselling support.

Call a Quitline advisor

Quitline advisors offer help with quitting for the cost of a local call. They will talk with you about any difficulties you may be having in quitting and will give you reliable information and support.

Contact 13 QUIT (13 78 48)

Go online with the QuitCoach

This is a computer program on the internet at www.QuitCoach.org.au. The QuitCoach helps you before and after you quit. It is best used several times to help guide you through different stages, from quitting to becoming comfortable as a non-smoker.

Self-help books, brochures & Internet sites

These resources are available on many different topics and provide valuable advice.

Contact 13 QUIT (13 78 48)

Information adapted from Quit Victoria


Stop before the Op!
Ph: 1300 665 781
Help for Smokers Brochure