Intensive Care Facts and Figures

  • Frankston Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit comprises a state-of-the-art, purpose built, 15 bed ward that admits more than 1200 intensive care and high-dependency patients each year.
  • The ICU team consists of a senior consultant team of seven specialists with a junior medical team of 11 physicians and up to 80 nurses, all specialising in providing evidence-based holistic care.
  • Patients are offered true multidisciplinary care with dedicated pharmacists, dietitians, physiotherapists and speech therapists constituting an integral part of the ICU.
  • The ICU has an active medical training and education program that enhances clinical development and provides advanced levels of critical care practice for all medical staff.
  • Research is an integral component of the ICU and the last decade has seen substantial progress in critical care related research incorporating sedation, renal replacement therapy, nutrition and mechanical ventilation.
  • Refurbished in late 2010 as part of a $45 million dollar development, the new unit incorporates innovative design principles that emphasise natural light and privacy technologies to address patient well-being & safety, staff welfare and human behaviour.
  • The ICU is affiliated with Monash and Deakin Universities, is a level III accredited Intensive Care Unit, and is classified as a C12 unit by the College of Critical Care Medicine for advanced training in intensive care.