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Research Partners, Industry and Sponsors

About research partners Clinical trials

We are committed to expanding our research capacity in clinical trials and strengthening partnerships with sponsors, contract research organisations and collaborators.

Partner with Peninsula Health

Peninsula Health is the only public healthcare facility on the Mornington Peninsula with acute services provided at Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals.

The region’s population has grown to over 300,000 people, with a continued seasonal influx of visitors of up to 100,000 every summer. The population is growing at a faster rate than most other regions, with a growth rate of 18.9% predicted over the next decade, compared to a growth rate of 13.6% in Melbourne and 11.8% Victoria-wide.

The area is a prime retirement location, so there is a high proportion of older people, with age profiles over 60, higher than the state average. The number of people over 70 is expected to double in the next ten years, while there are also more people under the age of 19 than the state average.

High volume services provided at Peninsula Health include chemotherapy, dental services, community health and rehabilitation services, maternity, orthopaedic, renal dialysis, and emergency department services. Maternity services and orthopaedic services collectively account for 47% of all acute specialist clinics provided at Peninsula Health.  

Peninsula Health has conducted clinical trials for over 20 years.  It currently has active trials in the following areas.

  • Cardiology
  • Haematology
  • Intensive care
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory medicine

All these units have dedicated permanent clinical trial coordinators.  We have the capacity to undertake trials from Phase 1b through to Phase IV. Our pharmacy, radiology and pathology departments are experienced in supporting clinical trials. The success of our clinical trials has led to improvements in treatments both here at Peninsula Health and elsewhere.

Office for Research

The Office for Research is able to facilitate support to researchers, commercial sponsors and collaborative groups interested in partnering with staff at Peninsula Health to undertake clinical trials or establish other research collaborations.

Peninsula Health is committed to assisting commercial sponsors, CROs and collaborators to achieve successful outcomes for all research in respect to facilitating contact with appropriate staff and achieving start-up timelines and participant enrolment. 

Peninsula Health is an accepting site for Streamlined Ethical Review, including National Mutual Acceptance. Peninsula Health is a member of Monash Partners, and uses the research application forms governance documentation and agreements adopted by the Partners.

The team in the Office for Research continue to improve processes to ensure that all ethics and governance submissions are approved quickly and efficiently. Any currently valid governance submissions for clinical trials are approved in five working days.

Peninsula Health was invited by the NHMRC alongside 15 other healthcare organisations to participate in developing quicker and more efficient research governance authorisation.

To find out more about the streamlined ethics and governance review for multi-site studies, please contact the Manager, Office for Research.

Our Partners

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