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Patients and Families

Patients & FamiliesWhat is research?

Research is finding new knowledge that may lead to changes in many aspects of healthcare.

There are many different types of research projects. Some research develops new treatments; other research is concerned with promoting good health or finding out about consumers’ experiences.

Research is a way for health professionals to gather evidence to improve care and treatments for all consumers.  Health professionals know a lot about health, diseases, medicines and treatments, but there is always more to learn and research can provide the answers.

Why do we do research?

Discoveries and advancements in healthcare are the result of research and enable us to identify procedures and treatments which:

  • Work better
  • Are the safest and most effective

The results of research can also change the way care is delivered or services are provided. 

It has been shown that for patients of health services actively involved in research, the outcomes are often better.

Participating in Research

You may be asked to participate in a research project which may include:

  • Completing a survey
  • Participating in an interview
  • Taking new medication
  • Participating in a new treatment

If you choose to participate in the research, the project will be fully explained to you, and depending on the type of research, you may be asked to sign a consent form.

Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time without it affecting your normal care or treatment.

All Peninsula Health research is conducted in accordance with confidentiality and privacy requirements and is approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee.

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