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Hitting Meningitis for Six

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Rehabilitation Appeal - David and Alan

David Sands was a fit and healthy 40-year-old, but one fateful day in June 2013, he went from battling it out on the cricket ground to fighting for his life.

“I was getting really sick with a terrible ear infection and the last thing I remember is my Dad coming round to take me to the hospital,” recalls David. “And then nothing for 18 months.”

The Mount Martha local is well known by many across the Peninsula, particularly in the cricket community. Cricket is David’s life; he is a seven-time champion of the Mt Martha Cricket Club.

His father Ken knew something was wrong on that June day and rushed David to Frankston Hospital.

He was right to be worried – his quick thinking saved his son’s life.

The infection had spread, restricting the blood flow to David’s brain, causing multiple strokes. He was rushed into Intensive Care, where he was put into an induced coma while his doctors worked to reduce the pressure on his brain.

After months in hospital, David was transferred to our Golf Links Road Rehabilitation Centre.

Our highly skilled Rehab Team cared for David over many months. Physiotherapist, Alan Symons, was part of the team.

“Right from the start his goal was to play cricket again,” recalls Alan.

“He never lost sight of the fact that if he could do an exercise, then he would be one step closer to achieving his goal.”

David’s competitive instinct kept him going. The rehab team kept giving David goals, and he kept beating them.

“For months, we worked with him, training and running with the pads on. Before his stroke, David was a superb bowler, capable of placing the ball anywhere and terrorising the batsman,” says Alan.

“I was there for his return to cricket. It was his 300th match and hundreds of people turned up to cheer him on. He bowled four overs, even taking a wicket.”

David’s recovery has taken him on a mighty journey – from his initial treatment in Emergency, to Intensive Care, recovery on the Wards, extensive rehab at Golf Links Road, and then as an Outpatient.

Now he is back playing cricket again, David is enthusiastic about the future.

“I’m making great progress, I’m back at the crease, back in full-time work and I’ve even joined the community choir at GLR!”

Rehab is the start of a long road to recovery, with your support, we can help more patients like David recover and live a long full life. 

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