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Clinical Streams and Quality Program


All of our Physiotherapy staff are actively engaged in our Quality program. All Physiotherapists who are at a Grade 2, 3 and 4 level are members of a clinical Stream relevant to their area of care and/or interest:

  • Aged Care; Aquatic; Cardiorespiratory; Exercise Physiology; Musculoskeletal; Neurology; Paediatrics; Women’s Health

Each year the Streams develop and follow a set of goals to achieve for the 12 month period. These sit within an annual quality plan for the whole Physiotherapy Department where Department-level projects and activities are completed.

Grade 1 Physiotherapists are responsible for completing quality projects aligned with the quality plan during each rotation undertaken.

The Physiotherapy Quality program exists to ensure the care administered to our clients is of the highest standard and continually reviewed and improved. Inclusive of this is a commitment to the support and development of our staff. Skills are developed in many areas including research, clinical program development, presentations, leadership and human resource skills, report writing, and clinical knowledge acquisition.

Physiotherapy Professional Quality Reporting Structure