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Pet Therapy Pals

Pet Therapy Pals provide comfort and companionship
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Pet Therapy Pals are special weighted stuffed animals that can remind patients of the feeling of holding and caring for an actual pet, keep patients company or are just available for a cuddle when patients need one.

We give Pet Therapy Pals to patients who spend time in our care. These patients are often times older patients who struggle with cognition and can become lonely and sometimes confused. Pet Therapy pals are a proven alternative to medication that can dramatically improve patient mental health and well-being.

When you sponsor a Pet Therapy Pal you give patients the gift of comfort. When you do so, you will also receive a personalised sponsorship certificate as a token of thanks on behalf of our patients.

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There are three easy ways you can help bring comfort and companionship to our patients:

Sponsor a pet therapy pal now:  click here – or send a donation to us at:
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PO Box 52

Thank you for caring about patient comfort and well-being!

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