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Pre-Admission Clinic


IMG_1381The Pre-Admission Clinic has been established to assess and prepare patients for elective surgery. The Clinic is located in Frankston Hospital, near the main entrance. 

Contact details:

If you have any questions about your Pre Admission appointment, please call (03) 9784 2786.

If you have any questions about your admission date, please call (03) 9784 7803.

About Pre Admission Clinic

Once a date is set for surgery, patients are required to complete the Pre Admission Service Questionnaire (pdf 290 KB) and return to the Pre Admission Clinic as soon as possible. Some patients may choose to drop their completed forms into the clinic or mail the form to:

Pre Admission Clinic
Frankston Hospital
PO Box 52
Frankston VIC 3199.

The benefits gained from attending the Clinic are:

  • Patient’s general health will be at its best for the surgery
  • Patients are taught about their operation, anaesthetic and recovery period
  • If patients require any help after discharge from hospital, the clinic staff will arrange this in advance
  • Patient’s stay in hospital may be shortened by being admitted on the actual day of surgery

Who will I see at the Clinic?

  1. The Hospital Doctor – Registrar or Intern, for the Surgical or Gynaecology unit caring for you during your hospital stay.
  2. A Nurse – who will talk about your stay in hospital.
  3. An Anaesthetist – if necessary

If required, your visit may also include:

  • An interview with:
    • A Physiotherapist
    • An Occupational Therapist
    • Stomal Therapist
    • Breast Nurse Consultant
  • Blood tests
  • ECG (Cardiogram)
  • X-rays
  • Further medical appointments

Please remember that if you do not attend the Clinic, your surgery will be cancelled and your name put back on the waiting list.

Your Clinic visit will take at least two hours. Orthopaedic patients may spend three to four hours.

We understand your time is important, but your Clinic appointment is essential for your surgery. Please bring a book / magazine with you.

What do I bring to the Clinic?

  1. A urine sample in a small clean jar.
  2. Any medications you are taking (in the original bottles).
  3. Any X-rays relevant to your present problem.
  4. Any documents or test results your doctor may have given you.
  5. Your Medicare card and Insurance details if you have any.