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Information for Overseas Patients

Important Information for Overseas Patients requiring health care at Peninsula Health

As a visitor to Australia, you are not eligible for Medicare, the Australian Government’s health care program.

The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta1 and Italy1. These agreements entitle you to limited subsidised health services for medically necessary treatments whilst visiting Australia. Please note that conditions do apply for some countries.

If you are an overseas visitor from a country who Australia does not have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with, you will be treated as a Medicare Ineligible Patient and will be required to pay the hospital for all medical care and treatment. This includes all ‘outpatient’ visits, as well as inpatient (admitted) care and accommodation.

As an overseas visitor, it is your responsibility to ensure you have health insurance cover or adequate money to cover the cost of your health care. Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy you may be able to claim these costs back from your insurer. Please keep all receipts to lodge a claim from your medical/travel insurer. Patients are responsible for submitting claims to their own health insurance provider for payment.

1Covered by Medicare for a period of six months from the date of arrival in Australia

Should you require treatment at a Peninsula Health facility please ensure you bring the following documents and information with you:

  • Copy of passport (photo ID)

  • Copy of Visa

  • Overseas residential address and phone number

  • Local residential address and phone number

  • Copy of Insurance Membership Card (insured patients only)         

The attached brochure explains the relevant fees and administrative requirements should you require health care at one of Peninsula Health’s facilities.

Overseas brochure

If you have any questions, or need assistance either before or during your admission, Peninsula Health’s Private Patient Services Officers are available to assist you by telephoning on (03) 9784 8385.