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Feedback, Suggestions and Complaints

Complaints, Compliments and Concerns

Contact details:

Customer Relations Manager
Peninsula Health
PO Box 52
Frankston VIC 3199
Phone: (03) 9784 7298

Email: Customer Relations

About Customer Relations

Peninsula Health welcomes complaints, compliments and suggestions about the care or service provided to you. Your feedback assists us to continually improve our services.

If you have any concerns or problems about any aspect of your care, please discuss your concerns with the person in charge of your care. If after speaking with staff you are not satisfied or would feel more comfortable talking to someone else, please contact Customer Relations.

The Customer Relations Manager is available to all patients, their relatives, carers or friends. Please be assured that your care will not be compromised if you express your concerns.

The issues you raise will be dealt with in a confidential manner and will be fully investigated.

More information is available the following brochures:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I know you will take me seriously?

A All comments and concerns are taken very seriously here. We always invite people to tell us how they would like their issue dealt with rather than just giving them a standardised answer. We want people to leave the office or finish the call knowing that they have been heard.

Q Do I have to wait to be heard?

A No, It is usually possible to speak with one of our team.  If you want to talk to us you can go to Reception. They will ring us and a member of staff will arrange to meet with you. We are also available to talk on the telephone.

Q Can I just raise something without it getting all formal and official?

A Of course. Rest assured that whatever it is it will still be taken as seriously as something put more formally and will be passed on to the relevant department.

Q Will my name be printed anywhere if I come in and complain?

A Everything is logged on a database, but no names are ever reported. Complaints are investigated in a confidential manner. We focus on the number and types of complaints.

Q How long will it take you to reply to my concerns?

A We acknowledge all complaints within 24 hours. We try to resolve complaints as quickly as we can. The time it takes to resolve a complaint will depend upon its complexity. Often one letter will need input from a number of health professionals. The professionals who need to provide input to that response do so as soon as they are able. The challenge is to coordinate this and ensure that the response is not delayed longer than necessary. In some instances it is not appropriate to have personal contact with regard to an investigation.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint or you wish to take your concerns further, please contact the Health Services Commissioner. The Health Services Commissioner is an independent agency available to everyone who has a complaint about a health service provider in Victoria, however any problem is usually best solved at the point of service in the hospital.

The Health Services Commissioner
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street

Telephone: 8601 5200 or
Tollfree: 1300 582 113