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Are you worried about a friend or relative in hospital? Make a CARE Call. 

Serious adverse events such as unexpected death or sudden cardiac arrest are often preceded by observable physiological and clinical abnormalities.

Patients and family members can often recognise when they or their loved one is getting sicker, sometimes before the doctors and nurses caring for them – this is because they know the person better and can pick up subtle changes a stranger could easily miss.

That’s why we’ve introduced CARE Call to all areas of our hospitals. CARE Call is for patients – as well as families and loved ones – to help you notify a staff member if you’re getting sicker, feeling worried or feel like you’re not being listened to.

What is a CARE Call?

A CARE Call puts you in touch with a senior clinician. They will respond to your concerns and arrange for an immediate review.

CARE Call in action

Bill* made a CARE Call for his wife Betty*, who had an operation at Frankston Hospital recently and spent time on the ward to recuperate. Bill was concerned that Betty was in pain and unable to sleep. After discussing his concerns with Betty’s doctor, Bill was still not satisfied – so he made a CARE Call.

The CARE Call was answered by one of our Head Nurses. The senior nurse listened to Bill’s concerns, and requested the medication orders be reviewed. She also arranged for Betty to be moved to a new room so she could share with a female patient, rather than a male patient. Bill told us that we was pleased with the response and thanked us for taking his concerns seriously.

* Names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality