Freedom of Information Statement

Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) – Part II Statement

In accordance with Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982, Peninsula Health is required to publish certain statements in respect of its functions and processes.

Statement 1: Organisation and functions

About us 
Board Structure 
Organisational structure 
Services and Clinics 
Our hospitals and locations 

Statement 2: Categories of documents held by Peninsula Health

Peninsula Health has a wide range of documents that are used by staff in the daily operations of the organisation and which assist with the administration of laws or schemes affecting the public. These include the following types of documents:

  • Policies and guidelines
  • Employee records
  • Financial records
  • Medical records
  • Commercial documents
  • Reports

Statement 3: Publications

The Peninsula Health website contains a wide range of publications available to the public. Please refer to the Publications page on Peninsula Health’s website to access these documents. Information relating to the application of the FOI Act at Peninsula Health is published in Peninsula Health’s Annual Report. Please refer to the Publications page on Peninsula Health’s website to access these documents. Further information about Peninsula Health’s FOI activities is published in the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner’s (OVIC) annual report. This report can be accessed at Annual reports – Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (

Statement 4: Subscriptions and mailing lists

Peninsula Health offers the community free access to our newsletter.

Members of the public who would like to donate to Peninsula Health or subscribe to the donor mailing list will find additional information about supporting Peninsula Health on our website under the Peninsula Health Donations page.

Statement 5: Freedom of Information arrangements

The Privacy and Information Release Unit (PIRU) is responsible for processing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests at Peninsula Health. Contact details for this unit are listed under the ‘All other information and privacy requests, including Freedom of Information requests’ within the Information Release section of Peninsula Health’s website.

Peninsula Health’s FOI Officers can be contacted via email on or by calling (03) 9784 7748. All requests for access to documents under the provisions of the FOI Act must be made in writing, including sufficient information about that document to enable it to be identified and be accompanied by the prescribed, non-refundable application fee. As of 1 July 2023, the FOI application fee is $31.80 for all FOI requests. People suffering financial hardship may apply to have the application fee reduced or waived.

The Department of Treasury and Finance index fee units each year. The fee units and charges applied by Peninsula Health under the FOI Act and associated Regulations are set in line with these requirements. Further information about the current FOI costs charged by Peninsula Health are detailed on the application form.

For additional information regarding accessing your medical records please see the ‘How do I Access my Peninsula Health Medical Record’ under the My Health Information – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) within the Information Release section of Peninsula Health’s website.

Last updated July 2023