Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that you might have about your visit to our Emergency Departments.

Who works in the Emergency Department?

The Emergency Department is staffed by highly trained medical staff, and doctors undertaking further training, led by the Director of Emergency Medicine. The Nurse Manager leads a team of highly trained nurses, many of whom have chosen to specialise in Emergency Care. You may also have contact with allied health professionals such as physiotherapists or social workers if required. There are also administrative and support staff to assist you.

Are visitors permitted?

You may receive visitors whilst in the Emergency Department, although only two visitors are permitted at a time due to space limitations. Visitors may be asked to leave when examinations or procedures are being performed.

How do my family and friends make enquiries?

Please nominate ONE family member only, to make telephone enquiries regarding the patient’s condition and for our staff to contact. This person can then pass on information to other family members and friends. This assists staff by ensuring they are not called away from caring for your relative or friend.

Call 9784 7777 to enquire about a patient in the Emergency Department.

Where do I park?

There is a drop off and pick up area adjacent to the Main Entrance. Longer-term car parking is also available which requires you to pay for a ticket at the ticket machine. If you leave the Emergency Department after dark a security guard is available to accompany you to your car. Please ask staff at the desk to arrange this for you.

What happens to valuables?

Please give any valuables to a relative or friend. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for any valuables lost or damaged.

How do I get a certificate?

Please ask the doctor if you require a Workcover, TAC or medical certificate before you leave. These may be supplied after discharge but take approximately two weeks to process.

What other Medical Services are available close by?

A list of GPs currently open in your area can be found on the Health Direct website. For 24hr health advice call 1800 022 222.

The Frankston Priority Primary Care Centre provides care for urgent but non-life-threatening conditions, for more information, visit their website.