Ready to help in any emergency: Rachael supports firefighting efforts

Peninsula Health Physiotherapist Rachael Mason was part of a team of volunteer firefighters deployed to Briagolong, a tiny town nestled in Gippsland, at the start of the month to combat the season’s first bushfires.

Called on at short notice, Rachael was able to access community service leave to allow her to join a crew of 20 in their firefighting efforts.

Rachael joined the Baxter Fire Brigade, a team fully staffed by volunteer firefighters, 18 months ago and has been eager to learn new skills and jump into action when needed.

“I became a volunteer firefighter to allow me to develop further skills to support the community in some of their hardest times,” says Rachael. “I see it as an extension of my work as a Physiotherapist in the Emergency Department.”

In her role, Rachael also attends road accidents, undertakes road and animal rescues, responds to industrial accidents, and participates in community engagement activities (including school visits), whilst also undertaking a diverse range of training to enhance skills.

Rachael is not the only volunteer firefighter at Peninsula Health. Many of our team members participate in volunteer positions outside of work for the opportunity to continue giving back to their community in another way.

Thank you to Rachael and all of our team members who generously give their time in a volunteer capacity outside of work.