Faces of Peninsula Health: Mental Health graduate Arjun Udayakumar

Arjun Udayakumar joined Peninsula Health in September 2023 as a Registered Nurse Mental Health graduate.

After completing his first rotation in the Psychiatric Assessment & Planning Unit (PAPU), Arjun is now on his second rotation at our adult mental health inpatient unit, 2 West, providing short-term, specialist mental health care in a safe, secure and all-inclusive, mixed gender environment.

“Transitioning from a career in computers to nursing was driven by a desire for more human connections and the ability to make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” says Arjun.

“The idea of being a support system, offering comfort and care, and witnessing the direct impact of my efforts on someone’s life inspired me to become a nurse.”

Arjun says his structured study days have been one of the biggest learning experiences of the graduate program so far, offering rich insights and practical knowledge essential for his role on the ward.

“Engaging with experienced professionals and peers, dissecting case studies, and participating in simulations have deepened my understanding of patient care in a mental health context,” he says.

“Peninsula Health’s Mental Health Graduate Program stood out for its supportive staff and commitment to professional development. It presented a structured yet flexible pathway to grow, learn, and contribute meaningfully in the field of mental health.”

“The journey from student to nurse is filled with challenges, but the rewards of making a difference in patients’ lives are unparalleled,” shares Arjun. “The support and guidance from Peninsula Health’s education team is designed to build your professional foundation.”

Join Peninsula Health’s education team at Frankston Hospital this June for an opportunity to ask your questions about the 2025 Graduate Program, and take a tour of the hospital facilities. A valuable experience for those looking to pursue graduate programs in healthcare and explore potential opportunities at Peninsula Health.