Adriana is giving a voice to clinical trial participants 

In 2018, Adriana was diagnosed with breast cancer, the second most common cancer in women. Now in remission, Adriana is lending her voice to the breast cancer cause as a clinical trial consumer advisor, advocating for current and future trial participants.  

Adriana had her own experience with clinical trials while undergoing chemotherapy at Frankston Hospital. Following a suggestion from her treating oncologist, Adriana joined a clinical trial as a participant with breast cancer.  

“When I first started on the trial, it was a time of uncertainty with the pandemic,” shares Adriana. “At first, I was hesitant to commence the trial, but after discussions with my oncologist she made me feel at ease knowing I would be continuously monitored during this time.” 

“I was grateful for the face-to-face appointments and constant care provided from the hospital with my clinical trial nurse and oncologist each month.” 

“Initially it was my Clinical Trial Nurse who asked if I would consider becoming a Clinical Trial Consumer Advisor,” says Adriana.  

“I was unsure of the role and what it entailed, however, after meeting with Peninsula Health’s Consumer Engagement team, I was happy to be given the opportunity to share my personal experiences in the trial.” 

As a clinical trial consumer advisor, Adriana has the opportunity to relay her own experiences and voice her opinions by providing her perspective, raising any issues or concerns that could affect other patients and their families.  

“Having the recent experience of going through the various cancer treatments enables me to bring clear observations and discussions when working through how to best support and achieve positive outcome with patients,” says Adriana.  

Whilst Adriana expresses her positive experience, she says there is still work to do to ensure difficult to understand procedures, protocols and communication are shared with the patients’ support person to ensure they can assist should there be any side effects or impact on the participant.  

“Every patients’ journey back to good health is personal and different,” says Adriana.  

“Having breast cancer was the most challenging time in my life, and although it affected me physically and mentally, I also learned of the emotional impact that this had on family, friends and co-workers .” 

“As a consumer advisor, I will be contributing to discussions and hope to develop ways of improving the shared impact that a patient’s journey involves.” 

“I hope that in sharing my personal story, it will form structure in improvements in delivering future clinical trial services, for the patient, their families and carers.” 

“I am grateful for having the opportunity to  make a difference by offering my personal reflection and hope this potentially improves future clinical patient experience.” 

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in the future of health care, contact our Consumer Engagement team on (03) 9784 2665.