Young philanthropists raise funds for Rosebud Hospital

During the September school holidays, five budding philanthropists, Emina, Stella, Rocco, Florence and Millie, held three cake stalls in McCrae to generously raise funds for Rosebud Hospital.

“They chose Rosebud Hospital because they have all been there at some point in time and it is a wonderful hospital they are very grateful for,” says Emina’s mum, Sunny.

When Sunny suggested that the children do something to give back to the community in the school holidays, the children decided a cake stall was in order.

After spending some time investigating popular recipes, the children went on to bake delicious cakes.

On the stall’s first day, each item was priced at $1. By the second day, the children felt they had improved their cooking skills and were feeling confident enough with their maths to put some of the prices up to $1.50. The top selling items were hedgehog and raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

“The dynamic little team have all expressed how good they felt raising money and taking it in to the hospital,” adds Sunny. “They loved making and baking, and Coles heard about it and gave them all the ingredients for free.”

In total, the children earned $504. They plan on continuing their cake stall in the next school holidays.

A big thanks to Emina, Stella, Rocco, Florence and Millie! Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.