World Oral Health Day 2021: Be proud of your mouth at Carinya

Jennifer Svec, Oral Health Coach from the Community Dental Program, Peninsula Health patient Glenda Madder, and Dentist Dr Amar Beharee. Photo: Supplied. 

The Community Dental Program has restarted outreach programs in a COVID safe way, including providing dental services for people living at Peninsula Health’s Carinya Residential Aged Care Service in Capel Sound.

A team of two – usually made up of a dentist and an oral health coach – attend the service, focused on helping patient’s maintain their oral health by offering oral examinations, dental treatment, and referrals when needed.

Today they are sharing the difference they are making for World Oral Health Day, celebrated annually on 20th March. This year, the message is to ‘Be Proud of your Mouth’.

Oral health coach, Jenni Svec says the dental team enjoy attending Carinya Residential Aged Care.

“Pain or refusal to eat are some symptoms that a resident may have a tooth or mouth issue.  The dental team are always just a phone call away, to provide that immediate pain relief,” says Jenni.

Community Dental Program client Glenda Madder is one of those to be supported with treatment at Carinya.

“We have been able to examine Glenda at her Carinya home and complete all the dental treatment she needed to preserve her teeth, and help her avoid future tooth loss,” says Jenni.

“We have seen about two thirds of the residents in Carinya, and will continue to attend the facility for as long as they would like our support.”

“Oral health is so important for the physical, general health and quality of life of each individual. We enjoy educating the staff on resident oral care, denture care, and the signs or symptoms of oral disease.”

Jenni explains that everyone can look after their oral health with a few easy tips.

“Eat healthy foods, drink lots of tap water, brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, clean in-between your teeth everyday, clean your dentures every day if you have them, and do not wear dentures to bed,” she says.

“If you have a loved one in the aged care system, we would encourage you to speak to staff and ensure your loved one is getting the oral health care that they need.”

Peninsula Health’s Community Dental Program is open during the Covid-19 pandemic and can be contacted on 03 9784 8184.

For more information on Peninsula Health dental services, visit the Community Dental Services webpage.