Trading surgical tools for wound dressings: Sarah Wellard shares her redeployment experience

Sarah Wellard

Noticing the growing threat of the Omicron variant in November last year, Sarah Wellard made the decision to trade surgical tools for wound dressings and assist with the COVID-19 response by redeploying to the Acute Medical Surgical Unit (AMSU) at Frankston Hospital.

In Sarah’s former role as a scout nurse in the operating theatre, she was responsible for preparing surgical equipment and monitoring the safety of patients during their operation. Her new role is a lot more patient-focused.

“It has been nice to work with conscious patients,” she said. “In the operating theatre, our patients are under anaesthetic most of the time so they don’t talk much.”

“I love hearing patients’ stories, providing them with a hand to hold and nurturing them through a very difficult time.”

Since being redeployed, Sarah has learnt new clinical assessment skills to allow her to check a patient’s vital signs, respond to deterioration, educate patients about recovery, administer medication, as well as undertaking common ward duties.

“It has been a highly rewarding experience that has helped shape me as a nurse.”

By filling one of the vacant positions at AMSU, Sarah has helped keep beds open, ensuring that seriously ill patients are well taken care of.

“I would highly recommend others take up redeployment opportunities. You meet wonderful people with their own stories to tell and have the privilege of being part of their unique healthcare journey.”

Sarah is just one of the 150 staff who took up the opportunity to be redeployed into another area of the organisation to assist with the COVID-19 response.

We are extremely grateful to all our staff who have put their hand up to assist and take on more responsibilities during this time.

Keep up the fantastic work!