Tootgarook Primary School Walks Together

Wouldn’t it be great if kids started their day building connections with peers, feeling happy and ready to learn? That’s exactly what happened last week at Tootgarook when the school community excitedly met at a local park to walk to school together.

Tootgarook Primary School is nestled in the heart of the Southern Mornington Peninsula. The school cares deeply about the local environment and works hard to support the health and wellbeing of students, parents and teachers. ” Walking to school gives kids more time to develop friendships, increase their wellbeing and improve their concentration, all before the bell rings,” said Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner..

The event was held on a crisp and sunny morning and involved the entire school community, from preps to senior students. Parents and teachers enthusiastically joined in, making the morning a celebration.

The chosen route was 1.5 km in total of a sealed footpath that meandered through trees and allowed everyone to enjoy the lovely natural environment of Tootgarook.

While the event promoted wellbeing, it also had educational benefits. Teachers took the opportunity to chat about road safety, sustainability, and how walking can make us feel good.

One of the event’s most significant benefits was its positive impact on the environment. By reducing the number of cars driving to school, the event contributed to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and local traffic congestion. Students and parents witnessed firsthand how small changes in daily routines could make a big difference in the fight against climate change.

“Encouraging our school community to walk to school has many benefits,” said Clair Hill – 4/5 Classroom Teacher at Tootgarook Primary. “By meeting at a local park, we reduce traffic congestion around our school; most importantly, kids love it; walking to school with their friends and family is a wonderful start to the day for them.”

The “Walk to School” event at Tootgarook Primary School was a resounding success and reminds us that simple actions, like walking to school, can profoundly impact the lives of students, parents, and the world around us.

For more information on how to get involved in walking to school and the benefits, head to the Vic Health Website or contact the Health Promotion Team at Peninsula Health

This Blog was written by Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health