Supporting children’s mental health, wellbeing and development

Our Community Health Children’s Services and FaPMI (Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness) teams provided a range of interactive and engaging activities at the annual Frankston City Council Children’s Week celebration.

“This year’s theme ‘All Children have the right to a standard of living that supports their wellbeing and development’, resonates with us, as a core belief in our work is with children and families,” FaPMI Coordinator, Sarah Dickenson, says. “A standard of living which supports a child’s ability to grow, emotionally, developmentally and socially, is pivotal.”

The stall included lots of fun crafts with underlying messaging about mental health, well-being and development. “The stall was a great opportunity to role model activities which develop fine and gross motor skills that families can continue at home,” Sarah explains. “Parents were able to learn more about the services and programs offered through Community Health Children Services and FaPMI and how to access these.”

FaPMI works with parents and their children, along with mental health clinicians, to provide family-focused services. “This dual work is so rewarding, as both have such profound impacts on families for the better, which in turn assists children,” Sarah adds.

The Children’s Services team works from a family-centered approach with young children and their carers to support development and wellbeing. “One of the most rewarding aspects of our role is helping children reach their greatest potential, so that they thrive as they move onto school and into adulthood,” says Alison Bobik, Northern Children’s Services Team Leader and Senior Psychologist.

For further information on how to access our Children’s Services, head to our Children’s Services webpage