Student leadership shines at Overport Primary School

Student Health Ambassadors work hard to promote sun protection at Overport Primary. Photo: Supplied.

Student Health Ambassadors work hard to promote sun protection at Overport Primary. Photo: Supplied.

This blog is written by Kristen Young, Health Promotion Practitioner at Peninsula Health.

Overport Primary, located in Frankston South, celebrated 20 years of being a sun smart school this year. Student leaders were invited to contribute their bright ideas to update the schools sun smart policy and then promote key health messages amongst their student peers. “I feel really proud to be a Student Health Ambassador and I had fun planning our school wide sun protection celebration” said Louis, Overport Primary student.

As an added bonus, the school was awarded Sun Protection recognition through the Achievement Program, a reward for the schools hard work in the health and wellbeing space.

“Despite the challenges of remote learning in the last year, our Student Health Ambassadors and staff have remained committed to working on sun protection. I am thrilled that we have been recognised for our hard work” said Jill Wathen, Assistant Principal at Overport Primary School.

On the 20th Anniversary of becoming a Sun Smart School, student leaders, with support from their teacher, Alison Cumberlidge, planned a fantastic school wide celebration. Students and staff were invited to participate in games and activities. “It was wonderful to work with the Student Health Ambassadors this year. I enjoyed supporting them to develop leadership skills and to use their collective voices to make a difference” said Alison. 

Congratulations Overport Primary School!

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