Smile wide for World Oral Health Day

More than 530 million children suffer from tooth decay in their primary teeth, which can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss and missed school days.

This Sunday is World Oral Health Day, so to celebrate we’re shining the light on our fleet of bright orange Smile Squad vans which are out in force helping children fight off tooth decay and giving them a healthy smile.

The Smile Squad initiative was rolled out across Victoria in 2021 as part of a Victorian Government program providing free dental care to all Victorian public primary and secondary school students and has been an effective way to break down the barrier between our service and the community.

Chloe Smethurst is assisting with the roll out Smile Squad at local schools.

Friendly member of our Smile Squad team, Chloe Smethurst, knows all too well the importance of making it easier for children to access free dental services and is working behind the scenes to make sure the service is accessible to students at local schools.   

“The great thing about Smile Squad is the range of treatment that we can offer to those getting their check-up,” said Chloe, “we can do so many things, from x-rays through to fissure sealants.”

The extensive range of equipment on board our fleet of Smile Squad vans means the team can accommodate for most dental treatments that you would usually receive from your trip to the dentist.

As part of the service, Smile Squad aims to educate children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and teaches them how to brush and care for their mouths properly.

“It’s been really great to catch the kids from a young age,” Chloe said. “Good oral hygiene habits learned at a young age will help keep your child’s mouth healthy throughout life.”

“We remind them to follow the basics – brush those teeth twice a day, floss, drink lots of water”.  By doing the basics you’re going a long way in preventing poor oral health.”

Combining good oral hygiene routine at home with regular visits to the dentist, is a great way to look after your oral and overall health.  

So far the Smile Squad has visited five schools across the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region, and an additional 12 schools will receive a visit by the end of the year. If your school is interested in taking part of this initiative contact our Community Dental service.

Access more resources for World Oral Health Day on the campaign website