Peninsula Health welcomes 136 nursing graduates

This month we welcomed 104 nursing, 14 midwifery and 18 mental health graduates across our all of our sites.

Our staff have embraced the influx of new graduates to our health service, to help meet our current workforce challenges.

Our nursing graduates are being supported in their transition to independent practice by a team of clinical support nurses and midwives, alongside dedicated clinical educators.

Some of our graduates are already familiar with Peninsula Health, having worked with us as a Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing (RUSON), Registered Undergraduate Student of Midwifery (RUSOM) or Pre-Qualified Registered Nurse (PQRN), or through undertaking clinical placements.

Many chose to commence their nursing career with Peninsula Health because of the positive experiences they had as students with us.

Thank you to all our staff who have provided a welcoming environment for our nursing graduates!