Patient Experience Week 2021: Raising the bar, one conversation at a time

Peninsula Health Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jane Roberts meets patient Eelkje. Photo: Supplied. 

Patient Experience Week 2021 is about to draw to a close – and this year, our senior leaders were able to step out onto the floor, connecting with patients and colleagues in a COVID safe way. 

In a really touching conclusion to the past few days, our Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jane Roberts came face to face with one patient, who herself has played a part at Peninsula Health over the years. 

“To be the best at what we do, we have to be committed to finding ways of improving the patient experience, and that starts by listening to those in our care,” says Jane.

“And you never know who you will meet! Like Eelkje, who was involved in the original fundraising campaign for Frankston Hospital’s first helipad in 1976, and also worked for us briefly in Main Reception.”

Thank you to all of our staff for helping to create a world class health experience for patients and their families.