Meeting the needs of our diverse community

Today, we launched our Multicultural and Deaf Action Plan, which will help us meet the needs of multicultural and deaf members of our community, and ensure they have equal access to world class healthcare, close to home.  

“The plan not only provides a good guide on how we practice the principles we use when caring for our people, but also in how we design our care and our facilities,” says Peninsula Health Chief Executive Felicity Topp. 

Developed in partnership with consumer representatives and staff, the action plan will enhance culturally responsive healthcare delivery and make it more accessible for all members of the community.  

“My appreciation goes towards all the staff at Peninsula Health for their persistence in developing this action plan,” says Mieke, a member of Peninsula Health’s Multicultural and Deaf Community Advisory Group. “We had in-depth discussions on how to make this action plan stronger and more meaningful for the year we are living in now and the future.”  

Convenor of the Multicultural and Deaf Community Advisory Group Lin Rabbidge says the action plan has been designed around five core goals that will assist in embedding key changes into the programs led by Peninsula Health.   

One of the first goals articulates our commitment as an organisation to cultural safety and focuses on ensuring that every staff member at Peninsula Health is responsible for ensuring we create and maintain a culturally safe environment. 

Creating a safe, accessible and welcoming environment at Peninsula Health is of utmost importance and the new Multicultural and Deaf Action will ensure we meet the needs and preferences of people from a multicultural and deaf background. 

You can view the Multicultural and Deaf Action Plan here.  

We are welcoming new community members into the Multicultural and Deaf Community Advisory Group (CAG) and would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Michelle Daniel, Consumer Participation Program Manager on 9784 2665 or email