Learning Hub shares best practice and innovation with the nation

As an organisation at the forefront of healthcare education, training and development, Peninsula Health’s Learning Hub team were honoured to be accepted to present four projects at the Australia and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators (ANZAPHE) Conference on the Gold Coast last week.

Held annually, the conference is a beacon of academic stimulation and social engagement for health professional educators in Australia, New Zealand and increasingly the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s event aimed to reflect the health professional educators’ ability to adapt, innovate and continue to deliver while navigating through adversity.

The Learning Hub team presented four abstracts on a range of strategies and experiences implemented at Peninsula Health to foster further learning, build greater capability amongst the healthcare workforce, and allow for training and learning environments to quickly adapt.

“We are incredibly proud to represent Peninsula Health on the national stage and demonstrate some of the innovative and complex projects we are working on in the Learning Hub,” says Samantha Sevenhuysen, Director of Education and Training.

The three day conference also provided our team with the perfect networking opportunity to meet with other leaders in health professional education, to share ideas, and learn from other healthcare organisations to further enhancing the capabilities of our education and learning programs.

“The ANZAHPE conference is the premier event for Australian health professional educators,” she adds. “It is a fantastic opportunity to share best practice and innovation – particularly after the challenges and adaptations to traditional education approaches during the pandemic.”