‘I felt this was my chance to do my bit’ – Jo McDonnell shares her redeployment experience

Jo McDonnell

With a significant amount of our workforce redeployed to the COVID-19 frontline or operational roles, we want to take a moment to thank these people for playing an important part in combating COVID-19. Thanks to the staff who have taken the opportunity to work outside of their comfort zones, Peninsula Health continues to provide excellent care to our community during the pandemic.

Redeployed staff have come from various areas of the organisation and have been upskilled to assist with the hospital’s pandemic response. From acute staff now working in the ICU to allied health and nursing staff working in the COVID Positive Pathway Program, our staff have been eager and willing to assist where they can to ensure our patients, visitors and colleagues are safe and well cared for.

For Jo McDonnell, redeployment has giving her an opportunity to learn and grow. Working originally as an administrative assistant within the Prosthetics and Lymphoedema Clinics, Jo has loaned her skills to the COVID Positive Pathway Program, where her new role entails managing the admittance of COVID positive patients in our community so they can be monitored and cared for comfortably at  home.

“When Peninsula Health called for people to put up their hands to be redeployed and help out with the COVID surge I didn’t hesitate,” Jo said. “I felt this was my chance to do my bit.”

“You go home at the end of the day feeling very fulfilled, knowing you are doing something important.”

Since starting in her new position in October, Jo has already learnt how to use a range of Peninsula Health software programs she had never before encountered.  Not only has Jo learnt new systems, processes and programs, but she has also met a new variety of people, built new relationships and formed new friendships.

“I love meeting new people and being redeployed has really helped me expand my network at Peninsula Health.  I would recommend people to put up their hands to be redeployed to take up new opportunities.”

Jo will continue in her new role during the summer holiday period to assist in managing COVID positive patients.

We would like to thank Jo and all of our staff who have taken on  extra responsibilities, duties and positions to assist with our COVID-19 response.

Keep up the fantastic work!