Honouring a legacy through regular giving

After losing his wife to breast cancer in 2013, Graham promised himself that he would honour her legacy by becoming a regular giver.

Inspired by the care and empathy of Peninsula Health staff, Graham sees each donation as an opportunity to remember and reflect on his late wife, while also thanking the doctors and nurses for doing everything they could to ensure his wife was comfortable in her final moments.

“The level of care provided to my wife was exceptional,” recalls Graham.

After several attempts at chemotherapy, Graham’s wife was admitted to Frankston Hospital on 24 June 2013, where she was monitored by nursing staff. Two days later she was taken to Palliative Care.

“The staff were so kind and gentle,” says Graham. “I’ll never forget what they told her; ‘We’re going to try and make you stronger.

“It takes a very special person to deliver such excellent care, especially in Palliative Care,” he adds.

Graham was impressed with the dedication from staff, saying that they went out of their way to make sure his wife was being looked after and that he and his family were being updated regularly on her condition. 

Graham’s wife passed away on 5 July 2013, two hours before his 70th birthday. Thanks to the staff at the Palliative Care Unit, he was fortunate to make it to her bedside moments before she passed away.

“You can never give enough money to a hospital,” says Graham. “I hope that by donating something, the same care my wife received will be given to many others.”

In the last nine years, Graham has become a significant benefactor, donating annually, to help Peninsula Health deliver exceptional care to the community and keep his wife’s legacy alive.

Thank you, Graham, for your ongoing support to help our people provide the best of care to our community.

Learn more about becoming a regular giver here.