Helen Hutchins Receives Medal of Distinction by Children’s Healthcare Australasia

We are very proud to announce that Helen Hutchins, our Paediatrics Nurse Unit Manager, has been awarded the 2021 Medal of Distinction by Children’s Healthcare Australasia. This award recognised Helen’s highly valued contribution to improving the health of children through paediatric nursing care and education in Australia and abroad. 

Children’s Healthcare Australasia Chief Executive Officer Dr Barb Vernon said the award was well-deserved.  

“Helen’s contribution to children’s healthcare is both exceptional and outstanding,” Dr Vernon said.  

“Helen has provided leadership at local, state and international levels. She represents her profession, her healthcare, and her country well.” 

Helen has been commended by her colleagues on excellent leadership skills.  

“Effective leadership is known to improve outcomes,” Dr Vernon said.  

“Helen ensures care is provided within a multidisciplinary team approach. All members of the children’s ward work together without hierarchy, putting the child and family as the focus of their care. 

“She rounds her wards several times a day, speaking with her patients, their parents and carers.” 

Dr Vernon said Helen had contributed to the  development of children’s services and the practice of paediatric nursing.  

“She’s always at the cutting edge of the new practices and procedures, ensuring good governance is embedded in implementation with appropriate training policies and protocols,” she  said.  

Helen’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of children is not limited to Australia. She has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to improving the lives and health of vulnerable children on a global scale, including a 15-year relationship with a small hospital in northern Cambodia.  

“Helen exemplifies distinction in leadership, professionalism, progression, compassion and dedication,” Dr Vernon said.  

“I could not think of a more worthy recipient for the Children’s Healthcare Australasia Medal of Distinction than Helen Hutchins.”  

Helen said she was honoured to receive the award.  

“I have had the most amazing career and there’s not one day that I don’t want to come to work,” she said.  

“I look around and see people who I’ve known throughout the years, and I just thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm of nurses across the network.” 

Congratulations Helen!