From clinical placement to graduate year: Chloe returns to Peninsula Health

Chloe Vigliaroni is one of the 90 nursing graduates completing their graduate year at Peninsula Health. Commencing her first rotation beachside at Rosebud Hospital on Walker ward, Chloe has begun caring for patients across a wide range of health problems including respiratory illnesses and diseases, cardiac issues, diabetes management and wounds/skin conditions. 

“I gain great fulfilment through helping others optimise their health and wellbeing, which has been integral to sustaining my passion for nursing,” says Chloe.  

“Knowing that as a nurse, I can have a small impact on someone’s road to recovery gives me a great sense of purpose and enjoyment from my work.”  

Throughout her schooling, Chloe enjoyed health related subjects, leading her into her chosen career path; after working at a local aged care facility, looking after people from all walks of life, she was certain nursing was for her. 

Across her three years of studies, Chloe completed almost all of her clinical placements at Peninsula Health, providing her with the perfect insight into life as a nurse working on the Peninsula.  

“I gained valuable experiences working within the wards at both Frankston and Rosebud Hospital,” says Chloe. “I observed and experienced first-hand the supportive network and team-focused atmosphere that radiates throughout each ward.”  

“I knew that I wanted to apply to work at Peninsula Health for that mean reason, and to also be a part of a team that provides exceptional care to my local community.”  

This year, Chloe looks forward to consolidating her clinical skills and knowledge, through learning from her peers, preceptors and clinical support nurses.  

“My ultimate goal is to feel confident in my ability to fulfil my role as a Registered Nurse, by utilising the further support I have during my graduate year,” she explains.  

Chloe is hopeful that the support she has at Peninsula Health will provide her with the clinical knowledge and skills to expand her experience and professional relationships with interstate health services, allowing her to travel around Australia.  

Outside of nursing, Chloe enjoys going to the beach for a morning swim, listening to music, cooking and spending time with her loved ones.   

All the best to Chloe and our nursing graduates.