Frankston Public Surgical Centre welcomes its first patients

After officially opening on Tuesday 6 September, we welcomed our first patients at the Frankston Public Surgical Centre.

Patients Keryn and Vanessa were overjoyed with the service they received and were pleased to have been able to complete their elective surgery sooner than expected.

“After the delays caused by COVID-19, I think it’s amazing that people are finally able to access the surgery they need,” Keryn said. “It was great to be one of the first patients; all of the staff were extremely accommodating and friendly. ”

Vanessa, who was in the tier three category of the elective surgery waitlist, wasn’t meant to undergo surgery until July 2023, however, thanks to the new centre, her surgery was brought forward 10 months.

“I am very fortunate,” she said. “I think it is wonderful that they have opened up more surgical wards to assist with shortening the waitlist especially if you were in the tier three category.”

Within the first week of opening, Frankston Public Surgical Centre will have performed over 56 surgeries and is estimated to perform up to 9,000 per year.