Finding more ways to improve the treatment of hip fractures

Some members who make up the Peninsula Health Hip Fracture team.

Hip fracture is a common debilitating injury particularly for older people. Majority of those are associated with a fall. As we get older, our strength and balance can reduce and our bones become thinner due to conditions like osteoporosis.

Geriatrician Dr Angel Lee advocates for a whole hospital approach to look after this group of patients, constantly looking for ways to improve this cohorts care from presentation to transition to community. 

“The orthogeriatric team is made assisted by orthopaedic physiotherapists, occupational therapists, anaesthetists, the Emergency Department, IT and innovation,” says Dr Lee, pictured centre with some of the Hip Fracture team.

“We’ve been proactively looking for patients, rather than waiting for referrals, ultimately advocating for the right care, at the right time and right place.” The care involves timely assessment and treatment of pain and medical conditions, surgery within 24 hours of arriving at hospital, coordinated care and services, getting back on their feet within a day.

Thank you to the entire Hip Fracture team for caring for our community.