Faces of Peninsula Health: Tiffany Tsai

Have you met Tiffany? One of our amazing Clinical Pharmacists here at Peninsula Health. 

Based at Frankston Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Tiffany collaborates with her medical and nursing colleagues to optimise patients’ medications, ensuring medicines are used safely and appropriately for the best possible health outcomes.  

Tiffany began her Peninsula Health journey while studying at university, completing her pharmacy placement hours with us.  

“During my placement, I found the staff so kind, helpful and supportive. I decided afterwards that I would apply for my internship at Peninsula Health the following year,” says Tiffany.  

Seven years later, she credits her commitment to our health service to its positive workplace culture and supportive environment.  

However, becoming a pharmacist wasn’t always on the cards for Tiffany.  

“Like many others, I didn’t really have any idea of what I wanted to do coming out of high school, but I always knew that I wanted to be in healthcare,” explains Tiffany, “I ended up choosing pharmacy because it allowed me to be closely involved in the clinical decision-making process.”  

Contrary to belief, Tiffany’s work consists of much more than just dispensing medications. Working in the ICU alongside critically ill and complex patients, she plays a key role in providing lifesaving patient-centred care.  

“Medications often need close monitoring and adjustment based on the patient’s clinical status and individual needs, that’s where I come in,” says Tiffany.  

Pharmacists like Tiffany are essential to our health service, their clinical knowledge and expertise ensures that medicines are collectively used in the right way, according to each patient’s unique needs.