Faces of Peninsula Health: Aymee Watson

Meet Aymee, one of our Registered Nurses here at Peninsula Health!

Aymee has been a Registered Nurse with our health service since her graduate year in 2021. However, her Peninsula Heath journey started a year earlier as a third-year nursing student at Rosebud Emergency Department.

“I have spent the majority of my nursing career at Rosebud Hospital; I had many roles which have led me to be the nurse I am today,” says Aymee.

“From starting out as a student, to graduate nurse, to further enhancing my nursing skills with various advanced courses, I’ve always worked towards my goal of becoming an Emergency Nurse.”

Now, Aymee has made the move to Frankston Hospital for her postgraduate year, transitioning from Rosebud to Frankston Emergency Department with an aim and commitment to continue to provide care to her local community.

“I want to have a positive impact on individuals living on the Peninsula and continue to provide health education to those within the community,” says Aymee, “Peninsula Health’s core values resonate with me as a professional, and also a community member myself, one of the main reasons I chose to work here.”

Starting in an unfamiliar environment with fresh faces, Aymee looks forward to meeting new people and being exposed to the high-acuity patient presentations, which will aid her learning throughout her postgraduate studies.

Good luck, Aymee; we wish you the very best in your postgraduate studies and hope your transition to Frankston Emergency Department goes smoothly.