Experiencing the Frankston Hospital redevelopment designs in new ways

The $1.1 billion Frankston Hospital redevelopment and expansion will transform services at the hospital. To make sure the new facilities are fit for purpose, the design team is working closely with community and hospital staff representatives.

A wide range of patients, carers, families and staff will use the facilities. So, it is critical for representatives from these groups to be included in the design process.

Hospital staff and community representatives have been providing input into the redevelopment since the early stages of the project. They help the design team understand how the new spaces will be used. And they provide feedback on everything from room layout to where the power points should be located.

Recently, some of these representatives had the opportunity to see the redevelopment designs come to life.

This article was originally published on the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA) website, read the full article here.