Enhancing Paediatric Care with Virtual Reality

Having a procedure or injection in the Emergency Department is now a little bit less scary for our paediatric patients, with the introduction of a new virtual reality (VR) headset.  

Thanks to the generous support of the Rye Opportunity Shop, the Emergency Departments at Rosebud and Frankston Hospital have acquired two Smileyscope VR headsets. 

These innovative VR headsets simulate calming alternate world experiences with evidence-based music therapy, diverting paediatric patients’ attention away from procedure pain and the hospital environment. 

“Creating peaceful and more pleasant environments for our paediatric patients, medical and nursing staff are able to do their jobs more efficiently,” says Peninsula Health Emergency Specialist, Dr Danielle Feigin. 

“It allows them to perform necessary procedures without causing our patients undue distress, reducing feelings of pain and anxiety for both children and their parents.” 

Peninsula Health’s commitment to prioritising initiatives like the implementation of the Smileyscope enables us to provide compassionate, patient-centered healthcare. By addressing not only physical needs but also emotional and psychological wellbeing, we strive to create more positive patient experiences that contribute to improved health outcomes.