COVID Positive Pathways: The cornerstone of support for positive members of the community

As we head into the warmer months, and emerge from the cold and flu season, the underlying concern of catching COVID-19 remains prevalent for many members of our community.   

With state numbers on the plateauing, it is suspected that many positive cases may be going unreported and coming into contact with those free of the virus.  

People who test positive to COVID-19 and don’t require hospitalisation, can manage their symptoms at home with assistance from Peninsula Health’s COVID Positive Pathways.  

The program supports positive members of the community by providing access to medical services, necessary medication, advice and reassurance during their period of isolation.   

Acting Operations Director, Community Health Belinda Berry says having support available during periods of isolation was a comfort to people.  

“People who have COVID, don’t need to manage the virus on their own,” she says. “Our team will call people at least once a day to provide support and reassurance.” 

 Belinda Berry leads the COVID Positive Pathways program.

Since starting in March 2020, the program has supported more than 100,000 people, and is continuing to provide care to Frankston and Mornington Peninsula residents who have contracted the virus.  

The dedicated team operates seven days a week and monitors patients through telehealth appointments to ensure they receive the support and care needed to make a full recovery. 

“The personalised care our team provides to community members who have tested positive for COVID-19 makes them feel safe, comforted and supported during their recovery,” explains Belinda.  

To be allocated to the COVID Positive Pathway program, community members must self-report their positive Rapid Antigen Test result through the Department of Health website, and await contact from a Peninsula Health staff member who will ensure the proper arrangements are in place.  

For further information on the COVID Positive Pathway program, contact Peninsula Health’s Community Care department on 9788 1700, or visit