Consumer Rep spotlight: Byron Croft giving back to the LGBTIQ+ community

Consumer Representative Byron Croft joined our LGBTIQ+ Community Advisory Group in late 2019.

When Byron Croft came across a flyer promoting Peninsula Health’s LGBTIQ+ Community Advisory Group (CAG) in September 2019, everything fell into place.
He had been looking to volunteer in community health, so it was an ideal opportunity.
Shortly after, Byron successfully joined the CAG and has been a valued Peninsula Health Consumer Representative ever since – one of the many we are celebrating during this National Volunteer Week. 
“It was just a big moment where the universe was giving me direction,” explains Byron
“At the time, I was looking to get some experience volunteering in community health. The LGBTIQ+ perspective was really appealing, and so I saw the CAG as a way for me to contribute to the community.”
Byron, who is studying a Bachelor of Community and Human Services in the hopes of eventually undertake a Master of Social Work, says joining LGBTIQ+ CAG has been rewarding.
“I have learnt a lot, and the other members’ experience has been invaluable” says Byron

“Because of recent Covid-19 restrictions, I haven’t really had the full CAG experience just yet. But I certainly feel more involved in the community and feel like I am contributing in a positive way.”


Byron Croft delivers a speech at Frankston Hospital during IDAHOBIT 2021.

Byron is also a member of our Rainbow Tick Working Group in a representative role. 

“Having spoken with other LGBTIQ+ CAG members who played a role in Peninsula Health first gaining Rainbow Tick accreditation back in 2017, I know it is a huge source of pride for them,” says Byron.
“I can see how much work would have been involved in building it from the ground up back then.” 
“To be a part of the current Working Group is another way that I feel like I’m contributing to the broader community.”

Celebrating our Consumer Representatives

Peninsula Health’s Consumer Representatives are central to our ability to provide the best of care for the Frankston-Mornington Peninsula community
They share their experiences as users of our health service, provide advice on consumer and carer issues, and become active partners in design, planning and evaluation of the organisation.
That’s why this National Volunteer Week (NVW), we are giving thanks to our Consumer Representatives for everything they do for our health service.
“As we come to the end of National Volunteer Week, I would once again like to recognise the considerable contribution our team of Consumer Representatives make to the health service community,” says Peninsula Health Consumer Participation Manager, Michelle Daniel.
“We are extremely appreciative of the time they generously give to us to ensure we provide safe, personal, effective and connected care to every person every time”.
To find out more about becoming a Consumer Representative, please visit

Byron Croft (left) with Peninsula Health Consumer Participation Manager, Michelle Daniel (right).