Changing approaches to pain management

Peninsula Health Pain Management Services  

On National Pain Week, we’re calling attention to the realities of living with chronic pain and highlighting those who courageously deal with it.  

Patient, Julie was referred to our Persistent Pain Management Service in 2021 for chronic back pain, which severely affected her daily life and often interfered with her ability to work.  

The effects of chronic pain are rarely only physical, they can also detrimentally affect a person’s mental health and wellbeing, causing depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and difficulties sleeping.  

“My chronic back pain created disassociation with family and friends, my attitude towards work and enjoyment of activities, and led to feelings of depression and an exacerbation of anxiety,” says Julie.  

After completing our eight-week program, not only had Julie’s back pain drastically improved but she had also gained a range of pain management skills that have allowed her to alter her perception of pain over time.  

“I began implementing skills, such as: being mindful, adjusting my movements and posture and utlising breathwork meditation to calm my nervous system,” says Julie.  

“Gaining the understanding that if you reduce your brain’s stress response, the central nervous system will calm down and also reduce pain within the body has been a game changer.”  

Thanks to our service, the supportive team and the skills Julie’s learnt along the way, she’s now back to doing what she loves, like hiking through nature at La La Falls, Warburton.